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6 Reasons To Run A Marathon - Start Training Now

Marathons are huge worldwide. In fact, some marathons have more runners than the populations of many towns. Pretty impressive in my view.
Why do thousands and thousands of people run a marathon?

6 reasons to run a marathon

1. Health benefits

If you're going to run marathon, chances are you're a regular runner or just beginning with intentions to run regularly. Running regularly is a very health activity - both physically and mentally. Don't fall victim to the talk about running injuries - yes it can happen, but you can prevent running injuries.

Face it, all activity has risks - martial arts, weight lifting, racket sports... you name it, physical activity can result in injury. However, the benefits health running provides, if done properly, outweighs any chance of injury. Besides, if you're not into running, many marathons offer walking.

2. Sense of achievement

Finishing a marathon is one of those feats that in my view, qualify as a lifetime achievement. Many "must do in a lifetime" lists (a.k.a. bucket lists), include completing a marathon. Such an achievement is exciting, inspiring, and something to hold onto for a lifetime.

3. Training motivation

When it's time to do a run and you're thinking of skipping, your marathon plan is an excellent motivator to get out there and run. Not every run all year long need be a training run; however, in order to complete a marathon, it helps to run consistently. Because marathons demand so much, marathon training will also motivate you to stick to any crosstraining and/or core work you do to improve your overall training.

4. Comaraderie

Runners have something in common. It's exciting to share the pavement with thousands of other runners who, like you, have sacrificed and trained to finish one of the greatest physical feats you can do.

5. Travel

Pick any city in the world and chances are it has a marathon. Running in a marathon is an excellent reason to travel and see a city. If you run two, three, or five marathons a year, think of all the great places you get to visit. Turn the marathon weekend into a week-long trip and see the area. Besides, you'll get so see so much of the city just running the 26.2 miles.

6. Fun and thrilling

What could be more exciting and fun than finishing a marathon - and to do so with thousands of fellow runners? It's tough for many runners; we all aren't elite runners. However, to finish a marathon is exciting and thrilling and emotional - all in a positive sense that it will be an event that resonates with you your entire life.
If you aren't planning on running in a marathon, what's holding you back?

  •  Is it lack of time to train?
  • Is it fear that you won't be able to finish?

If you have the desire to finish a marathon, check out an elite marathon training program, or if you're training for your first marathon, check out marathon training for beginners.

Maybe you have other reasons to run a marathon. In any event, there is no time like today to start training. Stop asking why you should run a marathon and start training now. The fact is there is no downside to simply train for a marathon. Even if you don't finish a marathon, you'll improve your health dramatically and feel better.

Next, get a jump on your training - especially consistent training by getting a treadmill for your home. Compare hundreds of treadmills in this huge treadmill comparison chart.