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6 Reasons You Will Quit Running - How NOT To Start Running

Discovering exactly how to start running is an issue that new comers to the sport battle with. Trying session after session with hardly any success is demoralizing but, pushing your body too hard will leave you miserable and pondering why any rational individual would do this to themselves.

There are six key reasons why newcomers to running fail to maintain a running routine for more than a couple of weeks.

Uncertain Objectives

Laying down targets is the basic foundation of any workout routine's success. If you don't have an attainable end goal in your sights and a clear plan of action you will fall short. The more effort you put into defining your goals and plans the more likely you are to succeed.

Not Understanding The Physical Changes Taking Place

When you do physical exercise your body adjusts to the training you do. Pushing your body too hard or not hard enough will produce poor results both ways. When you fully grasp the changes your body is going through, taking it gradually over time will make sense and come naturally.

Fast Paced Lifestyle

The number one reason that rookies to running give up soon after they start running is mainly because of time. The answer to the problem is to build a running program that is specific to your needs and fits in with your routine. To start with, you will need a very small amount of time to build a running routine.

Lack Of Motivation And Mediocre Results

Running is not simply running - learning what running methods produce the best outcomes will fast track your weight loss and fitness. There is no doubt that seeing results is a major motivator to persist with running and that's precisely what you need.

Getting Injured

New runners encounter many issues, particularly where injury is concerned. Being familiar with the kinds of injuries encountered by runners, how to steer clear of getting hurt and also how to deal with an injury once it's occurred to lessen the impact and speed up recovery.

Burn Out And Boredom

A major reason for burn out and boredom is due to incorrect diet. Without the proper fuel your body will not perform at its optimum; this will cause decrease weight loss, reduced fitness, illness and boredom.
The key to good nutrition is the right balance of proteins and carbs together with fats. You should also pay attention to the GI levels of foods particularly if you want to shed pounds. Another crucial aspect of proper nutrition for runners is hydration.

Using the services of a fitness instructor or a running coach is an expensive exercise and shuffling your schedule around to fit in with a trainer can be a headache.

You could download a free of charge workout from various free websites however these programs are usually generic and a 'one size fits all' not taking into consideration your expertise at running, your goals or your present health and fitness levels - this can be a recipe for failure.

So whether you want to start running to be an example to your children, reach your ideal weight before your sister's wedding, improve your health or simply prove something to yourself; Learning how to start running properly is the best way to ensure that you run happily for many years to come.