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This article will give tips and explain the basics of how to organize and direct your race, not only to assure its success, but also future races. Runners will remember a poorly run race where the course was not marked properly or there were no awards. The first time they attend maybe your only opportunity to encourage future attendance. Before you start planning your race it is important to understand the two  basic types of runners and why they show up on race day.

Why do runners show up on race day?

  • 1-Competition and the possibility of winning an award.
  • 2-Socialize with old running friends and meet new ones.
  • 3-The possibility of winning a great door prize.
  • 4-Support a charity or good cause, especially if it is related to them.
  • 5-See results of their personal training and get an improved race time.
  • 6-Special events or festivals associated with the race.
  • 7-Feel  good  that the morning was not wasted by staying in bed.
  • 8-Raise fitness level which should help make training runs easier.
  • 9-Change of pace from daily running routine.
  • 10-Feeling for seasoned runners that they are still in shape.
  • 11-There are “diehards” who look forward to a weekly race.
  • 12-There are “newbies” who are checking out the whole experience.

As we can see there are many reasons why a race can be a great fundraiser, provided it is properly organized from start to finish.


How to Start Long Distance Running for Beginners

Your heartbeat pounds in your ears, your eyes focus straight ahead and you only feel the thumping of your feet striding the path as the wind rushes by.

Yes, the experience of running can indeed be described as spiritual or poetic, but unfortunately many new runners find the experience to be boring, painful or even the cause of a serious injury which turns them off running altogether.

If you are interested in running for health, recreation or to train for a marathonsupporting your cause, it is wise to take time to develop a healthy routine that will protect your body and create an enjoyable running experience.


Prepare for Your First 5K Race

The 5k (3.1 miles) is the most popular racing distance in the United States. It's long enough to be a challenge to many, especially for those working on speed, but short enough for anyone to participate and finish. With the advent of spring comes the never-ending list of 5k races. Make it your goal to complete a 5K race this spring!

There are any number of reasons to run a 5K this season: getting in shape, staying in shape, stress relief, participating in a good cause, camaraderie with friends and fellowrunners, and competition. Whatever reason you choose to race, you'll want to be prepared for race day so that you have the best possible experience.


Health Benefits of Running

Running is something that people have been doing since the dawn of time. Originally, for survival and then to hunt and eat. In today's world, no one really needs to run to live or to track down their own food, but millions do run for their own reasons.

One commonality of running is for the health benefits. Most people start running either as kids in school, or later on in their life to help battle the bulge or slim down. No matter when you started to run or why, you can reap the rewards of a healthier lifestyle because of it.


Benefits of Running: Top Ten Reasons To Run

Why should you start running? Check out these running benefits to learn why you should start your running routine today. Whether you run for pure enjoyment, weight loss, or to stay healthy for your family (and yourself), running is a great exercise.

You may have reasons why you dislike running. It can feel downright boring sometimes. The great part of running is amongst the drawbacks, the benefits that it produces far outweigh the perceived negatives. That is why we have created these running benefits- to keep you going and remind you why you love to run.


The Life Changing Benefits of Running

Running may be exhausting and tedious at the beginning, but you must always put in mind that the benefits of running are far more rewarding than you may realize. Although it is physically demanding, running is one of the most effective forms of exercise that can help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure, and improve your overall health. Some runners are motivated by the health benefits they get from running, while others just simply enjoy doing it. Whatever your motivation behind running is, know that yourbody and mind will greatly benefit from it. Below are three life changing benefits of running.


Why Running is the Perfect Health Exercise

Most people start running to lose those few extra pounds, or to maintain that idealbody weight. Running soon becomes their exercise of choice for physical fitness.

Running requires a lot of energy from the body. Using the large leg muscles, as well as virtually every other muscle in the body, running burns more calories than nearly any other form of exercise. (just a tad fewer than cross-country skiing)

Because of this, it is the perfect exercise for those looking to lose weight fast, or to just stay slim and trim. It's also a great choice for overall good health - body and mind!


Why Is Running The Universal Exercise For Fitness And Health?

Running is the universal exercise and everyone can do it. As a child learns to walk, he or she will eventually learn to run as well. At first in play and then as a way to promotefitness during school physical exercise lessons. Some continue to run as a hobby or sport as they get older, or take it up again when they feel a need to kit fit or lose some extra inches.

As a testament to this, there are millions of runners all over the world that practice this universal workout on a daily basis. There are no true running tips to promote running for weight loss. The only thing you can rely on are your own two feet and how much mileage you can take. Some think that running was made to be God's natural way of providing people with a way to get in shape. You can just see that with the benefits of running.


Running - Why Its Good For You

There are lots of reasons why running on a regular basis is good for you. Running can bring both physical and psychological benefits if carried out in a consistent and safe manner. In addition, there are also lots of reasons why people decide to start running. Some people are competitive by nature and like to challenge themselves so want to know how fast they can cover a certain distance or how far they can eventually run after a certain period of time. Whilst others simply want to lose weight and see running as a good way to help them do this.


How Running Slower Will Make You Run Faster

You have no doubt heard of long slow distance runs or LSD for short. I prefer to call these types of runs, running slow to run fast. This weekly long run is the cornerstone of all distance running programs. By adding the use of heart rate monitors a runner can improve the effectiveness of long runs significantly.


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