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Heart Rate Monitors And Race Strategies

I highly recommend using a heart rate monitor. Learning to run at correct efforts is very important for workout recovery and fast race times.
One disadvantage of a heart rate monitor is trying to get to the desired heart rate too fast. Learning to use perceived effort in addition to the heart rate monitor will improve you times quite a bit.
I have learned through trial and error what heart rates to use for each race distance. A good rule of thumb is to learn what the corresponding pace feels like and then find out the heart rate associated with this pace.


Checklists to Help Avoid Running Injuries

Running injuries are the most common problem that every runner might encounter once in a while. These injuries can cause several discomforts in the body that may hamper one's ability to run generously. However, there are several ways to avoid these running injuries from happening. If you are a runner, below are some lists that you can use to keep yourself away from these injuries associated to running:


What Everybody Ought To Know About Running Shoes

Running is a simple exercise everyone can do. No need to buy equipments, no need to join any gym classes. Just have a strong will and extra time. And, a pair of shoes!
Some people don't really care about the kind of shoes they use for jogging. They sometimes use tennis shoes, basket shoes, or any other shoes perfect for any other sports other than running.


Should You Keep Running When Pregnant?

There are many dedicated female runners who become pregnant and are faced with the decision of taking the next 9 months off from running or continuing to run while pregnant. There are varying opinions out there about how much exercise a woman should or should not do during pregnancy.


How Can You Make Running Fun?

The thought of waking up early in the morning to workout or putting on those jogging shoes after work can seem like a daunting task to many people. Starting your day off with an early morning jog or running after work can help you live a healthier lifestyle. Getting into a habit of working out at the same time each day can be the easiest way to ensure you get the exercise you need to live a healthy life. Procrastinating or simply not running at all is very common even among the most dedicated runners.


Hearing Aids for Runners, Cyclists, and Other Athletes

Are you a runner or cyclist? Living an active lifestyle while experiencing hearing loss? You may not have sought help yet, simply because you're afraid that a hearing aid will impede upon your morning runs, bike rides, or twilight tennis matches. Fortunately, there are hearing aids now that cater to individuals with active lifestyles. With a hearing device, you can experience physical activity like you did before, creating a more vivid experience through the sound of your wheels turning and feet hitting the pavement.

There is no doubt that you need the help of a hearing device. Lately, you've been missing out on conversations with friends and family and your morning exercise routine is not what it used to be. Hearing centers making it easy to find the hearing aid that not only fits to your active lifestyle but that also provides you with the functionality you need to hear more.


6 Reasons To Run A Marathon - Start Training Now

Marathons are huge worldwide. In fact, some marathons have more runners than the populations of many towns. Pretty impressive in my view.
Why do thousands and thousands of people run a marathon?


Running Strength and Flexibility From Yoga

Runners tend to focus on running as the primary method of fitness, often ignoring the interconnected balance of the body. Yoga will assist in development of strength, balance,stability, and flexibility to help you with performance, recovery, and injury prevention. Yoga will give you a targeted workout with quick results for your core and legs, and added benefits for your entire body.


Love Running? Three Ways to Boost Your Routine

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise, whether it is pounding the streets, going cross country or running at home on a treadmill. It is an inexpensive way to get fit and lose some weight and for many people, running is a way of life. But there are a few things that even the hardiest runners should consider if they want to get the most from their workout, in terms of both effectiveness and sheer enjoyment.


Can You Become a Runner, or Are You Genetically Doomed?

Is it possible that running is a sport that will never develop for some people?

I spoke once with a triathlete who had running as her weakest discipline. She was training for her first half-marathon and had started running many more miles than ever before. Her frustration was that it never felt easier, which wasn't helped by her assumption that long runs of 8-10 miles would instantly translate to more comfortable or maybe even faster 5k times.

She incorporated hill runs, intervals on the treadmill, and striders/sprints at the end of her runs. It still felt tough, like her body was tired. She tried to eat as healthy as possible to fuel the machine, but no matter what she did she struggled with running.


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