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Okay, you guessed it, you’re right, is just for running!  You’ll find just about everything associated with running, such as articles, assorted vendor directories, and local race flyers. Wait a minute!  Did u say race flyers? Yes I did! The actual flyer, application, or entry form is shown in a full page view for each and every race! Wow searching for races by viewing the actual flyer, how can that be done? Well it’s really quite simple, posting a race is a 100% FREE service with the only requirement being that a flyer, application, or entry form MUST be uploaded!  has been designed to be a MAJOR internet resource for ALL runners whether  you’re a beginner, seasoned veteran, just run in your neighborhood for the fun of it, or compete in local races.

Local races can be found by searching the race flyers or by joining the Just4running community where you can then store all your local running club calendars.

Check out and if you like what you see then SPREAD THE WORD by telling all your fellow runners.

On your mark, get set, GO!