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Are You Keeping A Running Journal?

A great way to track your running progress is to keep a journal. This will help you to show your development, what you may have done wrong, etc.

A running journal doesn't have to be a complicated thing. It's basically your running diary. Here are some of the things that I like to keep in mind.

  • 1.    Distance covered. How far did you run today? What course did you run?
    2.    Time.
    3.    Weather. What was the temperature? Wind? Sunny?
    4.    How did you feel? Any glitches, aches? Felt great?
    5.    Hills or speedwork.
    6.    Anything special during run. Example - watching deer play, found money along the way - I love it when that happens!
    7.    Races run. Details about the race - where it was, how it felt, trained adequately, etc.
    8.    Shoes worn. I always alternate shoes - so each entry has which shoes I've worn. This way I can keep track of mileage on them.

A running journal is a great thing to have. If I'm on vacation, I may do into detail on some of the things that I discovered during my runs.

Another great thing about your running diary to for your racing. If you've had a great race, you can go back and look at your journal to see the training that you did. This will help you for your next race.

If you've been feeling draggy or get injured, you can look back to see if there is anything you've done in your training that may have caused it. I love to go back and look at my old running journals from years past. What I was doing in my training, the races that I ran, anything else that was going on in my life. Keeping a running journal can keep you motivated with your running and help you set goals. I hope you are keeping one - or will start!