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Benefits of Running: Top Ten Reasons To Run

Why should you start running? Check out these running benefits to learn why you should start your running routine today. Whether you run for pure enjoyment, weight loss, or to stay healthy for your family (and yourself), running is a great exercise.

You may have reasons why you dislike running. It can feel downright boring sometimes. The great part of running is amongst the drawbacks, the benefits that it produces far outweigh the perceived negatives. That is why we have created these running benefits- to keep you going and remind you why you love to run.

Benefit of Running 1 - Stress Relief

Whether I'm feeling pressure at work, feeling anxious about a problem, or just need to clear my head, I always feel better after running a few miles.

When you get outdoors, you naturally feel free. It will allow you to straighten your thoughts, and oftentimes find that solution you were looking for. When feeling like the stress is too much, or you need to take out some anger, run at a higher pace for short distances. This always does the trick and makes you feel much better.

Benefit of Running 2 - Losing Weight

Whenever you get out and run, you are taking a step in the right direction of weight loss. As a matter of fact, you will burn more calories per minute by running than most other sports. So whether you are just trying to lose a few inches for summer vacation, or drop 100 pounds, running is a highly effective way to lose weight.

Running Benefit 3 - Prevent Bone Loss

Our body is made to adapt to the activities and strains that we make it endure. Most people do not have the luxury of moving around during the day and are required to work sitting down. This is why running and getting exercise is so important. If you choose a proper running training program, you will significantly improve your chances of fighting osteoporosis.

Benefit of Running 4 - Make Your Heart Healthy

Running is one of the best exercises for your heart. By running, you help reduce the blood clots in your system and actually improve your good cholesterol. Running strengthens your heart, and as a result, lowers blood pressure. It also improves your arteries' elasticity because they are constantly expanding and contracting during your run, almost 3 times more than usual.

Running Benefit 5 - Boost Immune System

If you incorporate a running training program into your life, you will naturally produce more of those disease fighting white blood cells. Your lungs will naturally get stronger due to your regular exercising.

6) My Favorite: The Runners High

A runners high is something that I've grown somewhat addicted to. It doesn't matter if you are having a really tough day. Get outside and go for a run. The feeling you get will surely make you feel better. By running, you body creates endorphins that produce the runners high that so many individuals crave.

Believe it or not, running is often recommended for individuals that are dealing with depression or those addicted to a substance. Patients often reported feeling less tension, fatigue, and depression after implementing a routine run into their daily lives.

Benefit of Running 7 - Minimize Disease

There are many diseases that people face throughout the world. Fortunately, running is a great way to fight off heart disease, cancer, and many other common conditions.

Benefit of Running 8 - Find Your Inner Coordination

If you have never had perfect coordination, then you should try running. You will be amazed at how much your body will learn, and how confident you are in your stride. Fortunately, I am glad to share that running is a great way to improve coordination.

If you are an outdoors runner, you are may often be on challenging surfaces, with tree roots, rocks, or uneven pavement. If you find yourself tripping often, your history of running over these uneven surfaces will make ensure you hold your own. Your mind and body will know these obstacles.

Running Benefit 9 - Build Your Confidence

No matter how you view athletes, if you decide to get outdoors and run, you are an athlete. Every time I begin training for a new race, I'm amazed at how quickly I see a difference in my body's strength and endurance.

These little milestones will definitely increase your confidence, and leave you with a sense of empowerment. You will start to lose weight and strengthen the muscles throughout your body. These visual improvements will inspire your next goal and then the next.

Plus, if you are competitive, you will feel a confidence boost after every race, or each time that I beat my own time.

Running Benefit #10 - Become a Versatile Athlete

The great part of running is you can do it anywhere. No matter where you live, make running a part of your life. Oftentimes, people start running after college when the opportunities to participate in a team sport were few and far in between. It is ideal for those who don't need team members or a local league to participate in.

Running only requires you to get some shoes. It is a cheap way to get some great exercise. Run anywhere you want. There is nothing to stop you from exercising in any conditions that you wish. By deciding you want to run, you are deciding that you are an athlete. Plain and simple.

These ten running benefits are great reasons to get out and start exercising. Pick out a running training plan and you will soon be on your way to getting all the benefits that are enjoyed by runners worldwide.