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How to Start a 5K Race For a Charitable Cause in Your Community

If you are a runner or even a walker, you have seen various advertisements for different 5K or 10K races in your area on many weekends. What many people do not realize, however, is that the majority of these races are put on to raise money for a particular charity. This will describe what you need to do to start your own 5K race for charity from obtaining sponsors, to working with the town and police, all the way to the goody bags with a t-shirt and silicone wristbands or a silicone bracelet inside it.

The first step to starting a race is picking a good location for it that will attract a lot of local people to it. People like to support local charities in their town and like it even more if it is a fun event too. Coming up with a clever fun name often is all it takes to attract people, believe it or not. One great example is the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati. People love the funny name and all of the flying pig memorabilia and logos attached to it that they often sign up just for that reason.

Once you have a location and a name for your race, you need to pick a good date that will not compete with any other events on that same day. Some people choose a certain holiday to center their race around like a Jingle Bell Run in December or a Shamrock Shuffle on St. Patrick's Day. If the race is done well, people will sign up no matter what the time of the year is or the weather. Once the date is secured, you will need to get a permit to have the race from the town as well as secure help from police to make sure it will be safe for the runners and walkers.

Now it is time to secure sponsors and donations for the event. Top sponsors will be included in all advertisements for the race as well as displayed on the race t-shirt for everyone to see. Often local businesses want this advertisement as well as helping their community so it should not be too difficult to secure several sponsors. If a business does not want to be a large sponsor they may want to donate items for the racers goody bag that may include coupons or products from their business or other little items like pads of paper or drink cozies with their business name on it. If the goody bag is exceptionally good, many runners will want to sign up for your race over others.

Good advertising for the event is the last step as well as securing many volunteers. Advertise with flyers, posters, on the internet, and on the local radio or TV stations too. The more volunteers you have the better the race experience for the participants. Even children can help hand out water at water stations and hand out medals to participants finishing the race. having awards for top finishers is a nice touch too for the more competitive runners.