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Running - Why Its Good For You

There are lots of reasons why running on a regular basis is good for you. Running can bring both physical and psychological benefits if carried out in a consistent and safe manner. In addition, there are also lots of reasons why people decide to start running. Some people are competitive by nature and like to challenge themselves so want to know how fast they can cover a certain distance or how far they can eventually run after a certain period of time. Whilst others simply want to lose weight and see running as a good way to help them do this.

The main benefits of running can be listed as follows -

  • 1. Running on a regular basis provides the body with a good aerobic workout which over time should decrease the risk of heart disease. A running session done properly will provide a good cardiovascular workout and improve your fitness in this area.
  • 2. Running will burn calories and when carried out as part of a weight loss routine can boost the daily calorie deficit required to lose weight. If used in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet running can be very effective.
  • 3. As exercise goes running is extremely cheap compared to other alternatives. Basically no equipment is required other than a pair of decent running shoes.
  • 4. The improved physical fitness that running brings will also bring improved mental sharpness and performance. Decision making and alertness will increase and you may see improved productivity in your work life too.
  • 5. Being fit brings about an improved self image which will give you more confidence in other areas of your life. Your general mood will also improve and so your relationships are likely to benefit too.
  • 6. Running can be done at anytime and pretty much anywhere and so is ultra convenient.

There is no denying that running can improve many areas of our lives, so don't delay lets get running today!