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Supplement Your Running With Biking

So you want to lose weight by running... Well running can't do it all for you. Sticking to running alone will give you stagnant results after a while. You need to switch it up after a while. Something to do on your days off from running is to take up cycling. Cycling is a great day off activity that can still be a great workout and stretch out your legs at the same time. This will make your recovery better for your running workouts.

Another thing to think about by using this mentality is the possibility of doing a triathlon as well. The two large parts of a triathlon are the biking and swimming. Both of these activities are great ways to lose weight.

Lastly, people try to track their running and cycling plans with their computers. Myself, I use a Garmin Forerunner. This GPS watch allows me to track my running and cycling distance, speed, and time. I would highly recommend this type of watch for those who are starting to walk, run, or cycle. Tracking your workouts allows you to grow your workouts because you know what you are capable of by seeing what you have already done in the past. This allows you to develop a running plan with merit and one that you are not just guessing on when you choose distances and pace times.

Overall the main point here is to develop a varied workout. Whether you are running, walking or cycling to lose weight, you want to keep it new and exciting. Using a GPS watch as well will allow you to track your progress too. If you have any questions, see my site below and feel free to contact me.